Bad Ice Cream 3

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Complete the tasks in Bad Ice Cream 3


Participate in Bad Ice Cream 3 to control an ice cream character. To finish tasks, you eat the fruits and prevent your character from monsters attacking.

This fun dynamic game focuses on an ice cream that can not only move fairly quickly but can also build and destroy ice blocks. In addition, it is quite gluttonous and often eats all the fruits that are carefully stored in the refrigerator by the owner. However, it is frequently hunted by other monsters. They are trying to catch up with your character. They want to devour your character immediately.

In the game, you once again begin your journey with your new companion. Control your ice cream character and collect as many fruits as you can. If you can help the character complete such a difficult task, then you will have a new position. But you do not think that you will quickly and easily deal with the monsters that are chasing you. The reality is that every minute your enemies are getting closer and closer to you, and if you don't keep an eye on them, your character can get eaten.


Player 1

Use WASD to move.

Use the Spacebar to shoot/return.

Player 2

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use F to shoot/ return.

The challenges and tricks to overcome Bad Ice Cream 3

The challenges

Your fun ice cream needs to eat all the fruits around. At the start of the game, there are not many of them on the screen, just a few of them, but then the number increases dramatically and the ice cream will have to run well to have a snack. Such a walk wouldn't be a problem if it were not for the ferocious little critters living in the same refrigerator. They do not care about fruit, but they hate ice cream. Ice cream needs to avoid them to be safe.

Some tricks

When faced with a challenge, the game has provided you with another way to protect your character. You will possess the ability to build and break ice blocks. When you press the spacebar, a wall of several blocks of ice will immediately appear between you and the monster. As a result, you can block it. When you feel the ice walls are unnecessary, you can remove them and continue collecting fruits. Keep pressing the spacebar to remove them.

Some game modes of Bad Ice Cream 3

1 Player mode

Like Baldi's Basics, you can play the game alone. You will alone conquer the dangers and complete the mission. In this mode, you need to avoid the pursuit of monsters controlled by the computer. Take caution so as not to get caught. If you get swallowed by them, you lose instantly. You will need to replay the level until you can collect all fruits without being caught by the monsters. Try your best to win.

2 Player mode

If you are passionate about 2 player games then this game can satisfy you. Please invite another friend to join. You need to collect all the fruits before your opponent. Besides, you also need to pay attention to not be eaten by monsters. The 2 player mode is more interesting. You will feel the fierce competition. Obstacles also appear more. Do you have any strategy to complete all levels in the game?