Animal Crush Match 3

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What is the appeal of Animal Crush Match 3

Welcome to Animal Crush Match 3 where you can enjoy and complete an exciting task. You will match a large number of the same animals before the time runs out.

The game offers engaging gameplay. You will start playing the game and try to complete the mission. You will need to eliminate as many animals on the playing field as possible. To eliminate them, you will have to connect the same animals. Remember that you can only match animals that are similar and that are close to each other. The more similar animals you match, the higher your score will be. So your speed must increase to be able to complete your mission. Although you are limited in time, you are not limited in the number of moves. This is a good opportunity for you. Take advantage of it to get a high score. You can also increase your time by matching animals quickly. Good luck.

Way to control Animal Crush Match 3

Game control is also very simple. You can easily grasp the gameplay after the first try. In addition, when playing games, you do not need to combine too many operations. Therefore, the game is suitable for everyone. If you want to play the game, you use the left mouse button to play. Hold and drag the left mouse button to match the same animals. You cannot undo any mistakes, which is the reason why you need to take caution.

You also play the game many times until you become the master. Try your best to win with impressive scores.